​Skiing with the family? Here’s our helpful guide to where to take them and what to look out for.


Family ski trips can make for a lifetime of precious memories. Whether it’s seeing your children conquer the green runs for the first time, or just marvelling en masse at the views from the chair; skiing holidays are healthy, fun and full of quality family time. But they come at a cost, so making sure you pick the right resort is key.

So, which resorts guarantee a great break? The Telegraph ran a helpful article last season which stands true for this year too http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/ski/articles/The-best-family-ski-resorts/ or have a look at On The Snow’s take on where to head https://www.onthesnow.co.uk/news/a/580767/best-family-ski-resorts-to-suit-all-ages

Where ever you go here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Travel; pay careful note to transfer times. Long, snaking mountain roads in the back of a bus with toddlers is no fun!
  • Nightlife; skiing can be pretty exhausting whatever age you are but make sure the little ones aren’t going to be kept awake by vigorous apres ski activity in the nightclub next door! Likewise make sure there’s enough to keep the teenagers happy and entertained.
  • Local amenities; there are some days when tired little legs just can’t face a full day on the slopes and that’s when nearby facilities like swimming pools and saunas can come into their own. Check out the resorts local website and see what alternatives there are.
  • Ski schools; teaching children to ski is best done by the pro’s so check out the availability and cost of the local ski school and book before you go.

Good luck and have a great time, and don’t forget – until the end of January, you can kit the kids out with everything they need for a great break for just £99*

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