4 Solutions to Fighting the Insects

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Everybody knows how irritating insects can be when walking or hiking. They can be the cause of great discomfort after being bitten. However, there are many ways to avoid the critters and make sure your adventure is as enjoyable and painless as possible. Here are just four items that could be vital.

Insect Repellent

Easily the most obvious on this list, insect repellent can be a life saver and can make sure that you won’t be bothered by any insects that could cause you discomfort. Whether you buy natural or deet spray, insect repellent is the number one item that you will need.

Mosquito nets

This is something that is more specific to those going on long expeditions through countries and landscapes where camping outside could be a real danger and if the right precautions aren’t met, you will certainly be in for a terrible time. A mosquito net can be your most important piece of equipment when travelling and can be the reason you stay safe and well. Many insects across the world carry horrible diseases and a mosquito net can prevent serious illness which could ruin your adventure.

Repellent impregnated clothing

An item not everybody thinks about but having insect repellent clothing can be a great alternative if you forget your insect repellent. The Nosilife range from Craghoppers works as an instant repellent to the insects where the bug will land on you and then fly away straight away. If you are walking through woodland, Nosilife clothing could be one of your most vital items.

Repellent impregnated socks

There can be nothing worse than getting bitten on your ankle and you can feel it rubbing every step you take and it becomes unbearably uncomfortable. A big solution to this would be to have a pair of repellent impregnated socks, which will keep the critters away from nibbling at your feet. Our Bug Sox from CarePlus could be very useful and could make your walk that much more enjoyable.