Bergans of Norway

Here at Montagne Sports, we don't shy away from the highest quality when it comes to helping our customers buy the best products possible. And if quality is what you are looking for, then look no further than Bergans of Norway.

The Bergans of Norway brand has now been in existence for over a century, beginning in 1908. Among the scores of new inventions devised by founder Ole F. Bergan, one in particular made the Bergans name famous worldwide - the rucksack with a frame. Since then, the Bergans brand has maintained its reputation as one of the frontrunners in the outdoor clothing and equipment industry, creating superior cross-country ski clothing, expedition clothing and casual wear.

A key provider of clothing, rucksacks and tents for the British Army, Bergans certasinly has a strong reputation as one of the most reliable outdoor clothing brands in Europe.

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